The Cylenchar

A Celtic name for the Green Man - Cylenchar - actually means 'the hidden one'.

The Cylenchar signifies irrepressible life. He is an image from the depths of prehistory: he appears and seems to die and then comes again after long forgettings at many periods in the past two thousand years. The Cylenchar is connected to the deep ancient wisdom of the Great Mother, whose essence is of life and the primal forces of Nature. He is the son of the God of life and death, and of the Goddess of birth and renewal. In his origins, he is much older than our Christian era. In all his appearances, he is an image of renewal and rebirth.

The Cylenchar has been known by many faces and names to our ancestors, the forest god from before the dawn of time, he is depicted as a foliate man, sometimes seen with leaves and vines sprouting from his mouth. In his many guises throughout history, he is associated with the passing of ancient knowledge of healing, nurturing, and sharing, with each other and with Mother Earth!



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