CyCura® is a binary ex-situ bioremediation system that can reduce or eliminate organic pollutants in soil based substrates. It is effective against petroleum hydrocarbons and even complex polycyclic aromatic compounds.

CyCura® 'S' treatment involves rebalancing the substrate's chemistry and nutrient levels to provide bio-stimulation of the existing intrinsic microbial organisms, thereby harnessing and accelerating the natural process of bio-digestion of organic pollutants.

A Flexible Solution

CyCura® 'A' treatment involves augmentation of existing microorganisms and improvements to substrate texture such that bioremediation of difficult to treat organics can be greatly accelerated.

The ultimate objective of CyCura® S and A treatments are convert or return contaminated substrates to usable, stable and safe materials for infill or landscaping. We aim to effect remediation on or close as possible to site, and in doing so, to minimise environmental stress and risk of contamination drift.

CyCura® technology can be used in conjunction with both CyCurex® and CyFix® heavy metals remediation systems to yield a complete solution to soil contamination.



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