CyCurex® of Cylenchar Limited UK is a generic reagent for the remediation of toxic heavy metals contaminated materials.

The risks of harm from toxic heavy metals wastes are dramatically increased if they are in soluble or latently soluble forms. CyCurex treatment converts soluble metal compounds into stabilised metal sulphides. The sulphide ores of heavy metals are stable and amongst the most insoluble of heavy metal compounds. Therefore, they are of dramatically lower toxicity and greater stability than their other adducts. This stability is why sulphide metal ores are so abundant in nature. The CyCurex® process was designed to replicate natural geochemical processes that occur in hydrothermal vents. As so many heavy metals are derived from their sulphide ores, it is reasoned that Cylenchar technology acts to revert these materials back to the form in which nature intended them to be!

CyCurex® reagents can be applied for in-situ or ex-situ land remediation or and in-process waste treatment. They are liquid, colloidal and are especially useful in situations where ex-situ remediation of deeply buried contamination is rendered uneconomic due to the costs of physical removal of the contamination and its overburden, or where there are buildings situated above the subsurface contamination, for which demolition is either an uneconomic or impractical option. CyCurex® is designed to be applied by jet grouting techniques or by direct pumping via a simple borehole. Being fully fluid in nature, CyCurex® has the ability to be administered in much wider columns and to a greater depth than CyFix® system.

A Permanent Solution

CyCurex® can bind and stabilise a broad spectrum of heavy metals in a wide variety of substrates, and eliminate or reduce metals leaching to within internationally accepted regulatory limits, thereby preventing contamination of soil and/or ground water. Treated soils can be rendered compliant with US-EPA-Universal Treatment Standard (UTS) Limits and EU Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) limits set out in WAC Directive 2003/33/EC and derived from Directive EU 1999/31/EU. Treated materials will pass testing by US-TCLP, DIN38,414S(4), UK-NRA, UNI 10802.A.2 and EN12457 methodologies. Successfully treated substrates will withstand Multiple Extraction Procedure (MEP) long term stability tests, indicating >1,000 year treatment stability to acid rain and oxidative degradation.




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