CyFix® brand heavy metals remediation reagents were devised for ex-situ land treatment and in-process waste treatment. Being largely insoluble in nature, they are generally applied ex-situ to the substrate in a pug-mill, but can applied to surface contamination in-situ by being spread as a powder or slurry and mixed with the surface substrate by track-hoe, plough or harrow. CyFix® reagents can be applied with or without ordinary Portland cement (OPC) to improve substrate texture. Additionally, it can be applied by conventional jet grouting systems to remediate subsurface contamination, which is beyond economic ex-situ treatment due to high excavation cost or may be advantageously deployed to form a 'permeable reactive barrier' to mitigate heavy metals contamination migrating in groundwater.

A Permanent Solution

CyFix® can bind and stabilise a broad spectrum of heavy metals in a wide variety of substrates and eliminate or reduce metals leaching to within internationally accepted regulatory limits, thereby preventing contamination of soil and/or ground water. Treated soils can be rendered compliant with US-EPA-Universal Treatment Standard (UTS) Limits and EU Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) limits set out in WAC Directive 2003/33/EC and derived from Directive EU 1999/31/EU. Treated materials will pass testing by US-TCLP, DIN38,414S(4), UK-NRA, UNI 10802.A.2 and EN12457 methodologies. Successfully treated substrates will withstand Multiple Extraction Procedure (MEP) long term stability tests, indicating >1,000 year treatment stability to acid rain and oxidative degradation.




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