Mercury is found at trace levels in all fossil fuels, including oil and natural gas. In these environments, mercury is predominantly found in its elemental form. Carried in the gas phase and liquid hydrocarbon steams it gives rise to amalgam corrosion of industrial equipment, the impact of which can be serious.

The presence of mercury in natural gas became a problem after the 1973 catastrophic failure of the aluminium heat exchangers at Skikda, Algeria, led to a plant explosion and fire in which 27 people were reported killed, with a further 74 injured. Aluminium corrosion is not the only risk. Mercury contamination causes increased corrosion of welds, risk to the health of plant operatives from exposure during maintenance and environmental hazards on disposal of contaminated plant post its useful life.


CyGuard™ is a patent pending and proprietary system presently under development for the low cost abatement of elemental mercury and other heavy metals in liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon streams.


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