Plant waters are through necessity routinely treated with chlorine or chlorination agents for the purposes of microbial control. Additionally, the increased use of bromine salts as mercury oxidants in power plant fuels, leads to the deposition of involatile bromine and hydrobromate salts in power-plant scrubber liquors. Bromine and chlorine are toxic to zooplankton and highly toxic to fish. Due to the eco-toxicity of halogens in their elemental and oxo-anionic forms, discharges of these chemicals to the environment are prohibited and or regulated. Thus, plant waters must be routinely de-halogenated to remove these eco-toxic species prior to discharge to the environment.



CyRaptor™ is a proprietary treatment for de-halogenation of plant waters prior to environmental discharge. It is pH neutral and odourless. Free bromine or chlorine at levels as low as 5ppm in waste water can be rapidly and fully neutralised and rendered environmentally safe by 15ppm or less of CyRaptor™.


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