Cylenchar Limited

We are a ‘clean-tech’ research and development business registered in England. Our vision and mission is; ‘to become a leading global provider of technical solutions to environmental problems’.

Cylenchar is currently developing and commercialising patented and proprietary technologies for in-process control of pollutants, including; heavy metals, SO3 and dioxin emissions to the atmosphere, as well as developing new ‘smart waste’ technologies, to achieve environmental sustainability and whole life-cycle management through effective and sustainable product design.

In applying natural sciences to resolve many of the environmental problems facing the world, we would like to think we are upholding the ethos of the Cylenchar - by breathing life back into a contaminated environment.



Our Products and Services


Air Pollution Control

Cylenchar has developed and patented its CyCurex® air pollution control technologies for: in-process remediation of elemental and ionic forms of mercury, selenium, arsenic, lead and other heavy metals, and SO3 emissions.


Contaminated Land Remediation and Water Treatment

Cylenchar offers site assessment and remediation services for contaminated land and water resources. We can undertake geotechnical audits and recommend appropriate remediation strategies that can turn yesterdays environmental nightmares into our dreams for tomorrow.


Sustainable Process Design, Effluent Abatement and Control

Cylenchar offers consultancy in process design, development and optimisation. We can maximise product quality and yield, minimise raw material and resource consumption and reduce process effluents. We can devise and install appropriate waste control systems employing best the available and most economically viable technologies.




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